California Design Collaborative, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
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About us

alifornia Design Collaborative, Inc. is committed to design excellence that satisfy the project's architectural design needs while keeping within the project construction budget and time constraints. Located in Van Nuys, we provide structural engineering services in the greater Los Angeles area and Ventura County.


Project types for which we have expertise and provide engineering design services include:

Custom residential structures .

Swimming pools and backyard design including Standard Pool plans. We have approved 2019 Standard Pool Plans in Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, City of Simi Valley and City of Thousand Oaks.

Seismic retrofit and repair of existing Type V buildings.

Special foundation systems such as caissons and friction piles.

Retaining Walls and Decks, Patio Covers and Trellises.

Engineering feasibility studies-evaluating existing structures for proposed additions or change of use.

Our philosophy

The ability to work in concert with other professionals, contractors and various government agencies have allowed us to perform with confidence and in step with the latest construction regulations. Our clients have always benefited from our philosophy that the projects are to be completed professionally, in a timely manner and for reasonable fees.

For your project, we would like to be afforded the opportunity to submit a proposal.